Saturday, March 5, 2011

Scenic Sunday, Mellow Yellow, Blue Monday / Dead Fish Kill!

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I have been posting images of the Salton Sea which lies in the desert region of southern California.
It is nearly the lowest elevation in the USA, but, Death Valley actually holds that distinction.
But, the Salton Sea is the largest inland body of water in California.
Unfortunately, the water contains a high salinity level and is extremely polluted from 
toxic run-off from the Coachella Valley.
As scenic as it is, it is a death-trap for fish.

The first clue that this body of water is a death-trap for fish is the SMELL!
Although, not too bad right now, because of cooler temperatures on the desert.
As the temperatures rise in the next few weeks, so will the stench of thousands (if not millions) of dead fish that line the shores.
NOT too pretty, right?

I used to water-ski here in the 60's but certainly not now.
It's a shame...part of it nature and part of it mankind...
something to think about...

Scenic Sunday
Blue Monday
Mellow Yellow


Cheryl Ann said...

Yes, Carolyn, the smell wasn't too bad the afternoon I was there, too! But, yes, when the sea "belches" and lets loose, LOOK OUT. It's almost a gagging smell. And, it settles over the entire Coachella Valley! I'd love to return to the west side of the sea sometime and take photos there. There's a school down there...SeaView Elementary (K-12).
~~Cheryl Ann~~

Spiderdama said...

This is not nice to see..hope it will return to be a great place again.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Oh Caroiyn, even if I hadn't been reading along about your trip to the Salton Sea area I would have guessed where you were writing about by the title of your post.

It's a sad situation. And I see basically unchanged since we were there.

Momgen said...

Oh so cool and interesting. Happy SS!

Dena E's Blog said...

Wow Sweetie, I was born and raised there and never got to see any of this awesome sight...
Its really beautiful, in a very unique way...

May you wake each day with God's blessing,and grace.
Sleep each night with His keeping,
safe in His loving arms.
And~~~ May you always walk in His tender care and mercy.
Prayers and Hugs~~~Dena

Mona said...

indeed pretty sceneries, happy MYM see mine :)

Cafe au lait said...

Great shots!

My Blue Monday.

liberal sprinkles said...

Such a beautiful setting but so sad the water kills so many fish. It's a terrifying sight. Is there anything being done about the toxic runoff?

clavs said...

There are no more fish in the sea! LOL!
just visiting, already a follower.

lina@happy family said...

Sad to know this but those are great shots :)

SmilingSally said...

Sad sights. Thanks for sharing.

Happy Blue Monday, Carolyn.

Donnie said...

What a shame for such a lovely area to be unusable because of the smell.

LV said...

Really enjoyed seeing these great shots and learning the history behind them.

Kim, USA said...

It does look pretty beautiful but it's sad to learn that it's a death trap for fish. Thanks for the info.

Shirley said...

Interesting! Yes it is beautiful except for the fish of course. I wonder how the fish got there in the first place??

Miss Becky said...

this is a tragedy. I'm a bit surprised that this pollution just goes on like that. I supposed it's difficult to source the pollution since it's coming from run-off. In spite of all that, your photos are beautiful (minus the dead fish)! happy blue monday, and have a beautiful day!

Joyful said...

It's lovely. I see a lot of birds there ;-)

chubskulit said...


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☆Mama Ko☆ said...

what an amazing shot, quite an interesting place

My Blue Monday

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Magical Mystical Teacher said...

I have to say I'm glad that I can't smell your photos! :-)


Hush, little baby, it’s no time to cry,
Mama will sing you a sweet lullaby—

A bright rainbow song on this darksome night,
A bright rainbow song that’s sure to delight:

Green are the pastures where flocks of sheep graze;
Grey and begrimed are the skies on fog-days.

Red is the color of sun going down;
Black is the smudge of a terrible frown.

Blue are the mountains that rise from the plain;
Shimmering golden the Kansas wheat-grain.

So many colors, my baby, my fair!
So many colors right here and right there!

And thinking of colors under the sun,
Yellow’s the brightest of all, little one!

© 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

Old Woman at Market

Ann said...

Can you float like the Dead sea? In a lake in Borneo, it is toxic because it was a gold mine before.

Janie said...

Wow, it's sad to see all the dead fish and hear of the toxic runoff.

forgetmenot said...

Too bad that pollution and such have ruined it. It still looks quite beautiful from a distance. Mickie

Dena E's Blog said...

Your note today sooo touched my heart too Sweetie.. Thanks sooo much for stopping by my post...
Prayers and Hugs Dena

Anonymous said...

It's beautiful land but WoW, it's ashame about the fish... how can it be reversed?

kmoyama said...

I also think that its a shame about the fish and the pollution, but taking picture is also recording the fact. Great capture!

Martha (MM) said...

That's terrible! Here on the gulf coast in Florida we occasionally have Red Tide which causes the same thing. Not only does it cause massive fish kills but causes all of us who leave nearby all kinds of respiratory problems - scary!

Thanks for stopping by. I hope all is well in your world :-)

Fabien said...

Vraiment une très jolie série, toute en couleurs, bravo.