Sunday, September 9, 2012

Fireworks - Downtown Disney, Anaheim, California USA

 I continue to struggle with capturing fireworks.
Downtown Disney!  There are fireworks every night and I can practice without paying to get into the park!

 These are probably the best I have ever done but still a long way from excellent!



Eeyore said...

Carolyn, these are very nice, but I wanted to tell you about some I saw on the Internet the other day. The guy used a different technique and while they didn't look like the normal crisp fireworks photos, they sort of blew my mind and since you can practice any time I thought you might want to give it a try. He used a couple of second exposure like most people would, but he started way out of focus (I think he initially focussed close) and as the streamers spread out he manually moved the focus toward infinity. The effect was startling.

Eeyore said...

Unfortunately, it was one of those news blurbs on that goes away and you can't find it again. I'll look and let you know if I find it.

Eeyore said...

I can't find it, but google fireworks focus blur and there are some examples and hints.

Pat Tillett said...

I'll bet that I heard these exact same fireworks. We can them every night!

I agree about photographing fireworks. There is a July 4th show at the bottom of our hill and we get a front row seat from our back yard. I've NEVER really mastered it.

Joe Todd said...

Great photos.. Have a great weekend