Monday, February 18, 2013

Taieri Gorge and River - South Island, New Zealand

 We continue our 4 hour train ride back into Taieri Gorge.

 We traversed the side of the gorge with the Taieri River below.

 The Yellow Broom looks quite pretty but it is considered a weed to the New Zealanders.
It invades the pasture land, farmlands, riverbeds, etc.

 We eventually reach the point where we turn around and return to Dunedin.
Two hours in and now two hours out!
Some enjoy getting out of the train and walking a bit.

 The engine is unhitched and slowly moves on to switch tracks.

 A woman rides along as the engine prepares to be hitched to the back of the train which becomes the front of the train...

Amazingly the engine stopped just where it was supposed to without any bumps!

 We are just about ready to continue!

Taieri Gorge 
South Island, New Zealand
November, 27, 2012

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