Sunday, March 3, 2013

Dunedin Railway Station - Dunedin, South Island, New Zealand

 Jerry and I had been here the day before to get our train that took us into the Taieri Gorge, but not everyone took the same trip.  So we're back for those who hadn't visited the train station. 
 New Zealand doesn't have an extensive railway system but does have several lines dedicated for awesome scenic day trips...this is one of them.

 It's not the right hour for the platform to be crowded.

 and, looking the other direction...not a train in sight!

 But, it is an old and lovely station with intricate detail.

 a curvy staircase...

After climbing the stairs I got a nice view of the entire lobby floor...
and, people.

 and, Jerry!

 Our group was very busy with their cameras for about 20 minutes!

I wanted a shot of the train right side up!

The New Zealand flag waves on the rooftop outside.

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