Friday, May 3, 2013

Lake Te Anau, South Island, New Zealand

Our hotel in Te Anau, South Island, New Zealand.

 We arrived in Te Anau in the late afternoon and had some time to explore on our own before dinner back at the hotel.  Our first great sighting was this flock of geese cruising over Lake Te Anau right across the road from the hotel.

 It seemed that this sea-plane had nowhere to go at this time.

 The sky was amazing!

 The local passenger terminal for the sea-plane.

 The lake was fairly quiet except for an occasional boat passing by.

 The underside of a pier caught my attention.

 The New Zealand flag waves proudly over the township and lake.

 Hello little birdie!

 It is the end of the spring season here with summer just 3 days away.
It is quite windy and chilly!


Me...lovin' this place!

         Lake Te Anau is a very large lake.
This is just a small part of it visible from the Te Anau Township.

 Look at that crazy awesome sky! 


 ...and, looking the other way once again.

 We crossed a small bridge with the lake just beside us.

I thought this lakeside tree was amazing with a little sunshine on it.

The sea-plane has been moved away from the dock.
But, nothing exciting is happening.

A very cool street light in town!

LOVED this!

Lake Te Anau, South Island, New Zealand
November 27, 2012

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Gerald (SK14) said...

Ah Te Aneau - did you take the trip to the caves to see the fireflies?