Saturday, March 31, 2012

Wine Shop - Lake Balaton Region, Hungary

a view of the vineyards through the window of a Hungarian wine shop...
Our favorite Hungarian friend, Agnes, would say, "Grape Yards".

Checking Photos...Lake Balaton Region, Hungary

I can't wait to see her animal photos!
Watch where you walk, Agnes!!!
(Agnes Kiss from Budapest, Hungary)
...visiting the Lake Balaton Region, Hungary...

Friday, March 30, 2012

Hungarian Countryside

These beauties (Racka Sheep) are all packed together to keep warm in the fading sunshine. The countryside by Lake Balaton, Hungary...
March 2012

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Kuranda SkyRail Cableway, Queensland, Australia

The Sky Rail Cableway at Kuranda, Queensland, Australia.

...amazing thick jungle below the Sky Rail...

A view of Cairns and the Coral Sea lies ahead...

They Know the Way

I just returned from a trip to Europe where I visited the Czech Republic, Hungary and Austria.
This photo was taken in the countryside of Hungary during the early evening.
We were riding on a horse drawn carriage to the ruins of a monastery.

We clip-clopped through a local village...

and, through the woods.

This is the ruins of Salföldi Pálos Kolostorrom Monastery which was built in the 14th/15th centuries in Gothic style and eventually destroyed by the Turks.

We explored the interior of the church...loved the arches!

This room was breathtaking...

Two of my friends suddenly appeared...
Jenny Downing from England and Agnes Kiss from Hungary...

 ...and my friend from childhood, Sally.

It's getting late...time to return to the village!
And, was cold in Hungary during the month of March!

Friday, March 2, 2012


a little 'lensbaby' work from my backyard before i fly away this evening!
Prague, Budapest, Vienna & we come!
it's going to be very cold...brrrrrrrr!