Monday, November 30, 2009

Ruby Tuesday / Red Agave Resort @ Sedona, Arizona

There is so much to photograph at this little resort (Red Agave Resort) in Sedona, Arizona! The red rock is right in their to speak! These outdoor decorations (for lack of better words) caught my eye over and over. They moved with the breeze and their color seemed even more intense during that golden hour before sunset. They were beautiful against the blue sky or the red rock, it didn't matter. They are SO Sedona!

Ruby Tuesday

That's My World Tuesday / Bright Angel Trail at the Grand Canyon

My friend and I took a short hike down the Bright Angel Trail at the Grand Canyon just to enjoy it...rather than get beat up by it! There were hikers returning from several nights at the bottom of the canyon. How I would love to get all the way down there but, carrying a pack and the climb back up, MAN I don't think I could hack it. My son has been down there numerous times and has done the white water rafting too. I have been down to Plateau Point and that was far enough to know that the hike back up can really kick your #@$%! I am posting photographs of the mules, serious hikers and casual hikers. I think you will be able to tell who is who? It was about 2:00 in the afternoon, just a week ago (November 21, 09) so their return to the rim at this time of the afternoon was very smart!
That's My World Tuesday

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Blue Monday / Red Agave Resort - Water Feature

I visited Sedona, Arizona last week with a friend. We stayed at a lovely little place out in the "red rock country." The outdoor area was very artsy with a pool, hot tub, fire-ring, wind chimes and water features! I loved this particular water-feature just outside our room.

Blue Monday

Sunday Stills / "T" for Trees

The theme for Sunday Stills is the letter "T." I will choose "tree" since I have some nice fall colors from Sedona, Arizona. The top 4 trees are in Oak Creek that runs through the Sedona area and the last photo was taken at the property where we stayed beneath Bell Rock and Court House Butte. If we had been there a week earlier we would have seen more reds...but, that's the story of my life. However, coming from southern California...I was mighty impressed with what I found in Sedona, as always!
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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Shadow Shot Sunday / Shadows at Sunset Crater, Arizona

These shadows were from our visit to Sunset Crater in Arizona last week. It was about 4:30 p.m. when the crater changes to a magnificent color because of the contrasts of basalt/lava rock against other mineral content near the top. We were rushing to not miss the prime time!

Shadow Shot Sunday

Scenic Sunday / Grand Canyon and Sedona, Arizona USA

I spent five days with my friend (from childhood) on a road-trip to Arizona. We spent time at the fabulous Grand Canyon and the spectacular red-rock country of Sedona...and some sights in between. We were fortunate to have clear and dry weather, but, it was quite chilly, especially at night. The top two photos were taken at the Grand Canyon. We were at the Desert View standing along-side of the Watch Tower there. We were able to get nice views of the Colorado River below. The river can be elusive from the rim at many points...but, it's there whether we can see it or not.

The rest of the photos were taken at Sedona, Arizona. This is a small community only about 2 hours from the Grand Canyon. What a change in scenery! Massive columns of red-rock prevail across the landscape. The colors here, too, change as the light changes according to cloud cover, and time of day. Sally and I spent a morning on the "Pink" Jeep Tour. What a hoot that was! We took the Rim Tour which is exactly that! We were high above Sedona (2000 feet) on the rims of the hills/mountains. The views back into the valley were awesome. You can be thoroughly impressed by just driving on the paved roads in and around Sedona...but, to get up above it all is truly a sight to behold. We took so many pictures! It's not easy choosing those to post here. The last photo was taken on the rim with the driver, myself, and my friend Sally. I am in the middle. Our driver was great!

I have visited the Grand Canyon numerous times and Sedona one other never gets old! The colors change all day long...hour by hour, even minute by minute. These are just two of God's many masterpieces!

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Scenic Sunday

Friday, November 27, 2009

Weekend Reflections / Slide Rock State Park, Arizona

These photographs were taken at Slide Rock State Park in Arizona. It is a natural water chute nestled in Oak Creek Canyon just outside of Sedona. The water is really cold, yet, some kids (about high school age) were entering the area at about 4:00 p.m. with their towels which indicates they were going to do what people do here...slide down the water chute! It is a very popular swimming area during the summer. But, late November...crazy! Despite "craziness" this area is a photographer's dream place! The red rock, the water, the fall colors, the reflections's amazing! My friend, Sally, is standing on the rock overlooking the reflections of the yellow Aspen trees (middle photo).

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Weekend Reflections

Fototriss / SKÖN / Sunset Crater, Arizona AND Color Carnival

The theme for Fototris is SKÖN which means "beautiful or nice" in Swedish.
These 3 photos were taken at sunset at Sunset Crater in Arizona, USA., last Saturday, November 21, 2009. The lava/basalt at the base creates a stark contrast to the higher elevation. This creates a scene that looks like a glowing torchlight during the hour before sunset.

Click on image to enlarge pho

Color Carnival

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Benches of the Week / Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA

I spent 5 days traveling in Arizona with my friend last week. We spent 2 nights (1 full day) at the Grand Canyon before we moved on to Sedona, Arizona. It was easy to find rather rustic old benches with very "over the top" lovely views! There is a train that carries visitors about 60 miles from the south rim of the canyon to the small town of Williams, Arizona. It only makes one round trip each day this time of year. Many visitors get a hotel in Williams and travel, either by car or train to the canyon.

Benches of the Week

SkyWatch Friday / Grand Canyon and the Painted Desert

This is a view of the Grand Canyon in the late afternoon from the eastern end...Desert View area. Looking northeast you can get a glimpse of the amazing colors of the Painted Desert. It was an extraordinary day (November 21, 09) of sunshine and cold temperatures...but, beautiful!

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

SkyWatch Friday

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Window Views and Doors Too / Grand Canyon, Arizona

I found these windows and doors among the cabins at the Grand Canyon Village, Arizona, USA. Many of these cabins have windows facing the rim of the cannot get a better view than that! The third photo is the view from many of the cabin windows. What do you think?

Window Views and Doors Too