Saturday, November 16, 2013

Basilica San Marco, Venezia, Veneto, Italia

"The breathtaking Basilica San Marco dominating the Piazza San Marco was constructed in such ornate fashion for two reasons:  as an embodiment of the Venetian Republic's power and as a fitting resting place for St. Mark.
Serving as the Doges' chapel, coronations, funerals and processions were held here, gloriously framed by more than 4,000 sq. ft. of mosaics, eastern treasures and 500 columns dating from the 3rd century."
 - Eyewitness Travel
As we prepared to visit this church we found ourselves disappointed that 'no' photography was allowed inside.
However, when we entered we noticed that most people were taking photographs and nobody seemed to be monitoring it.
We nervously took a few photos, only a few...
Ascension Dome
The central dome has a spectacular array of early 13th century mosaics, depicting the New Testament.
The ceiling and interior dome of this basilica are mind-boggling beautiful!
 I could have spent hours in here photographing every detail!
It's just that amazing!
 The prayer candles cast a warm light.
"Inside the basilica museum is the famed quartet of horses crafted in bronze and covered in gold.
Booty from the Fourth Crusade, these triumphal Graeco-Roman equine figures originally graced the Hippodrome in Constantinople.  They have been restored to their former glory."
- Eyewitness Travel
Basilica San Marco
Venezia, Veneto, Italia
September 27, 2013

Pigeons Everywhere!

 pigeons on flag poles
...and, on monuments
a rather serious encounter here!
I think they have eye contact! 
Piazza San Marco
Venezia, Veneto, Italia
September 27, 2013

Pigeons on Piazza San Marco, Venezia, Veneto, Italia

 This man was looking at the hats for sale at the kiosk on Piazza San Marco when suddenly a pigeon became his 'living' hat!
 He and the pigeon posed for photos so I snuck one in, too!
Eventually, the pigeon grew tired of this man and took a short flight to my head.
Unfortunately, I don't have pics of me but everybody else does!
Fun times on the piazza!
Piazza San Marco
Venezia, Veneto, Italia
September 27, 2013

Umbrellas on Piazza San Marco

a few raindrops brought out some pretty blue umbrellas
Piazza San Marco
Venezia, Veneto, Italia
September 27, 2013

The Gondolas of Venezia

 The gondolas of Venezia are so photogenic! 
They just don't take a bad picture!
 I loved the mood here, gondoliers patiently waiting like a taxi lineup in any big city.
The young people are sitting and watching and waiting, too.
 These things are just beautiful whether they are gliding through a canal or moored in tight quarters.
 Gotta just love Venezia!
I do!
Venezia, Veneto, Italia
September 27, 2013

Monday, November 11, 2013

Venetian Carnevale Masks at the Piazza San Marco, Venezia, Veneto, Italia


 We have arrived at the Piazza San Marco and it's the masks that really grab my attention.
Photographing the Carnevale in Venice is high on my bucket list, but for now I will have to be satisfied with these gorgeous faces just being for sale!

There were so many more over the course of the next few days!
September 27, 2013

Vaporetto Ride on the Grand Canal - Venezia, Veneto, Italia

 Our plan for our first full day in Venezia was to start with a vaporetto (ferry) ride to the Piazza San Marco and to just enjoy the sights on the Grand Canal.
Here we are approaching the famous Ponte di Rialto.
 The scene constantly changes as the boats and gondolas come and go.
 A little side canal off the Grand Canal appears to be quite crowded but nobody seems to mind.
 We continue down the canal gazing at all the color and opulence of days gone by!
 There are gondolas everywhere!

 I love this scene with the people sitting on the steps in the background.

 This is the Santa Maria dell Salute Church at the southernmost entrance to the Grand Canal.
Its silhouette has become one of Venice's most well-known landmarks.
At the very end of the Grand Canal is the Punta della Dogana.
It is here that some of the grandest views can be enjoyed, rain or shine!
September 27, 2013

Venezia, Veneto, Italia - Our Arrival

 Just about everything I love about Venice I saw the first late afternoon and evening of this trip.
People on their balconies have interesting conversations.
Loved this dramatic!
 Our first Venetian masks with so many more to come!
LOVE the masks!
 Another man enjoying his balcony view! we loved the laundry!
 And, it gets so much more colorful as time goes on!
 People love their dogs.
This king size doggy and man seem to be best friends.
 Little bridges and reflections are everywhere.
 People stroll and seem to enjoy everything they see.
 I love to find the things you don't expect to see, like this toilet in a boat!
Not much privacy here!
 The architecture and street lamps...wOw!
 ...yummy bakeries!
 We saw this man and his king sized dog again in another location.
The doggy is very patient with the man's cell phone usage!
It's getting dark and the beautiful 'blue hour' has come to enhance the beauty of this place!
Where shall we have dinner was the big question...there were so many choices.
We chose a simple but wonderful cafe with outside dining right alongside the Grand Canal...
perfect choice!
A moored gondola is all tucked in for the night which reminded us we needed some well deserved shut-eye too.
September 26, 2013

Venezia, Veneto, Italia - near the Santa Lucia Train Station

 We have arrived in Venezia!
We are tired but pumped with adrenaline to get out and explore for a little while.
It was a long trip from Los Angeles to Rome and then on to Venezia.

A gondola passes beneath the Ponte degli Scalzi (bridge) just as we looked over the edge...nice!
 Jerry doesn't look tired, he looks happy to be standing on this amazing bridge taking in the view.
It's the Ponte degli Scalzi which spans the Grand Canal and offers some of the best views in Venezia.
 It's a very popular and busy bridge with tourists and locals and those who have something for sale!
 We started our walk on the other side with no particular destination in mind.
We just walked and tried to keep track of where we were so we might get back at a decent hour.
After crossing the bridge we looked back and admired its beauty not realizing we would cross this bridge a dozen or more times during our stay in Venice.
This is the San Simeon Piccolo Church and it is the first view to visitors arriving by train.
It has a green oxidized dome and Neoclassical fa├žade in a vague imitation to Rome's Pantheon.
The original church was built in the 9th century and this one was rebuilt in 1718-38.
It's been around for quite a while!
This church is actually rather unimportant as far as Venice churches go, but it is most people's first view of Venice!
September 26, 2013