Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween 2009 / Julie, Bert and Chase are Pirates!

I took these photos of Julie, Bert and Chase before they left for their Halloween party at Mariana's and Gary's house. Chase was very excited about being a pirate and seeing his mommy and daddy all dressed up too. But, he discovered that costumes are not very comfortable and did some complaining...In the end, he had a big time trick-or-treating with all the kids at the party. Bert magically transformed his wagon into a pirate's ship! Way to go Daddy!

Click on images to enlarge for better detail!

PhotoHunt Challenge #4 / October 2009

My Photo Hunt Challenge items are on my Flickr page at:

Just copy and paste the above link to view my photographs.

I really enjoyed gathering the 20 items for this challenge! They are all there! :) Thank you, Kristi, for hosting the PhotoChallenge #4!

A Fall activity
A Fall treat
A harvest
Fall colors
Something orange
Something spooky
A cemetery
A costume
A black and white photo
A critter
A logo/mascot
Something neon
Something inspiring
Something entertaining
Something fast
Something slow

Camera Critters #82 / Meerkats at the Los Angeles Zoo

I went to the Los Angeles Zoo a few days ago. I think these little meerkats are my favorite critter! I could watch their antics for hours. They are quite the little sentinels! They are so quick to change their positions and they take their group responsibilities very seriously! What cute little critters they are!

Camera Critters

Bench of the Week / Care to Join Me?

This is only part of my neighbor's "all out" Halloween display in their front yard! What fun it has been to watch the decorating evolve! Come on...join me...have a seat!

More benches can be found at: RuneE's Bench of the Week (Visual Norway) meme...

Friday, October 30, 2009

Brenda's Photo Challenge / Halloween

Here's a little friendly greeter at the home of a Balboa Beach, California resident!

Brenda's Photo Challenge
And, the challenge is: Halloween

Color Carnival #26 / Ms. Witch and Her Broom

A cute little flag hanging from the side of a porch in a neighborhood at Balboa Beach, California. I wonder if I look that cute when I am being a witch on my broom?

Color Carnival

SkyWatch Friday / Balboa Beach, California

Early evening sky about a week ago at Balboa Beach, California. It wasn't stormy...just a thick fog rolling in off the ocean. It created an amazing sky!

SkyWatch Friday

Weekend Reflections #6 / Flamingos

Flamingos at the Los Angeles Zoo on October 29, 09.

Weekend Reflections

True Colours Thursday / "Black"

True Colors for this week is "Black." This is a Silver Back Gorilla my little grandson and I saw at the Los Angeles Zoo yesterday. The male was off "rough housing" with the baby while mom had a few minutes to herself! She seemed very contemplative... and, look at those feet!

True Colours Thursday

Thursday, October 29, 2009

The World in Black and White / Fence or Mural?

This is just one section of a fence at the Los Angeles Zoo. I am looking forward to posting other sections of this same fence in the next few days. It is also posted at "The World in Black and White," and looks even better on the black background of that meme!

Watery Wednesday #59 / Black- Necked Swan at the Los Angeles Zoo

A Black- Necked Swan at the Los Angeles Zoo on October 29, 2009. Watery Wednesday

Motion Thursday / Black- Necked Swan / Los Angeles Zoo

I saw this gorgeous Black- Necked Swan at the Los Angeles Zoo today.

Motion Thursday

Thursday Challenge / Clothes / Huntington Beach, California...Oktoberfest

Thursday Challenge is "Clothes." These photos were taken on October 15, 09 at Huntington Beach, California during the annual German Oktoberfest. We had a great time and, yes, we did partake in a couple of mugs of beer!

Thursday Challenge