Monday, August 31, 2009

That's My World Tuesday / Railroad Tracks in San Clemente, California

I am a grandma and take care of my 2 year old grandson while his mommy and daddy go to work during the week. This little guy loves trains and trash trucks! I spend a lot of time at the train station with schedule in hand so he can see the trains as they come and go. These pictures show the tracks as they pass through San Clemente, California. I believe we will soon spend a day at the beach with our little grandson and enjoy the trains as they pass by.

Ellipsis Monday Photo Shoot #53 / Trees

This tree is on U.S. Highway 395 south of Lone Pine, California...along the eastern Sierra Nevada Mountain Range. I don't know what kind of tree it was...but, I do know it is dead and picturesque. I photographed this tree while at a rest stop along the highway on our way to Mammoth Lakes, California in July, 09.

Blue Monday / August 31, 09

Wall Painting on a building in Old Town, San Diego.

Macro Monday / Sunflowers

Window Views #19 / Union Station, Los Angeles

I was thrilled to see the reflection of the palms in the windows at the top of Union Station (train) in Los Angeles.

Today's Flowers #55 / Hawaiian Plumeria

The Hawaiian Plumeria is very sentimental to me. I marvel at the many Plumeria trees on the islands every time I am there. Their scent can be intoxicating on a sultry Hawaiian evening... I have brought cuttings home and keep them in very large pots as to protect them from much cooler winter nights here, than in Hawaii. I photograph them often because it gives me such satisfaction. Despite our intense heat spell right now...they are thriving. Be sure to click on each to enlarge.

Ruby Tuesday / Red Day-Lily

This red day-lily grows in my front yard and is one of my favorites.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Mellow Yellow Monday #33

This little fisherman was mounted onto the side of a restaurant on the San Clemente Beach Pier in southern California. I thought he was mighty cute and mighty yellow!

Chase Is Waiting... August 27, 09

Chase waiting for our train from Upland Station to Union Station in Los Angeles.

Monochrome Maniacs (August 30, 09)

A scene along Mt. Baldy Road in southern California.

2Things Challenge ...Arch / Road

This week's 2Things Challenge is arch/road...
This arched road is located on Interstate 15 about 40 miles north of San Diego. I always admire this structure when we pass by it on our way to or back from San Diego. I think you can tell that this photograph was taken while riding in the car.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Scenic Sunday #59 / California Fires

Southern California is on fire again! As tragic as that is, we are having amazingly beautiful "smoke" sunsets over the past few days with more to come... I took these photos at about 7:20 p.m. this evening while riding in the car over a period of about 10-12 minutes. The colors changed dramatically during that time. We were driving west so these shots were west and south-west in direction. We're about 20 miles east of the actual fire which is in the Pasadena/Altadena area now. Notice that you can see the billowing smoke at the bottom-center of the second photo...There was alot more but it was hidden behind the trees.

Shadow Shot Sunday #67 / Oldest Church in the City of Los Angeles

This little Catholic church is in the historic part of Los Angeles adjacent to Olvera Street. It is the oldest church in Los Angeles and still very active today. My picture of the church is, unfortunately, lop-sided...a problem I have to work on with my photography. But the little walk-way on the right leads into a beautiful little plaza covered with a rippled canopy. The shadows are awesome in there. A mother was escorting her little daughter inside to a baptism that afternoon.

Sepia Scenes #45

Silent Valley, California is on the west side of the San Jacinto Mountains which tower above Palm Springs.'s hot here, too, during the summer months. It's up in elevation which helps some...Idyllwild is just 15 miles farther on Highway 243, and even higher in elevation. These mountains are so dry dry dry now...a real tinder box! A photograph in color wouldn't look much different!

Camera Critters #73

My little grandson loved discovering this duck as we took a late afternoon walk around a fishing pond at Silent Valley, California. It was a rather hot day and a rather hot walk but we found some ice-cream for a cool treat...

Friday, August 28, 2009

Color Carnival #17

We had a very hot day at home so I thought I would take my 2 year old grandson for a train ride to Los Angeles. An hour later, I put him into his stroller and left Union Station for just a short walk across the street to Olvera Street. Olvera Street is considered the birthplace of Los Angeles, otherwise known as El Pueblo Historic Monument. It is a colorful village which features 27 historic buildings with a traditional Mexican style plaza area. The marketplace has handcrafted Mexican wares typical of old Mexico...a popular tourist destination. Like Old Town San Diego, a camera happy person can get colorful shots every way he/she might turn! Even the crosswalk from Union Station to Old City Plaza is very colorful!