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Monday, January 25, 2010

That's My World Tuesday / The Drumming Never Ends at Huntington Beach, California

It's a beautiful day at Huntington Beach, California
Jan. 24, 2010
It's sunny with almost completely blue skies, a bit windy and a bit chilly,
especially out on the pier.
You will always find these drummers on winter weekends congregating near the pier.
If you have some sort of rhythm instrument,
come join the fun.
Notice how people are dressed!
It's chilly...but, for some that means, sweatshirts, jackets, no sleeves, or no shirts!

The drummers are very young,

a little older, 

and... a little older.
Everyone has their own style and THAT is ALWAYS worth a picture!

Some prefer to move to the rhythms and have their own style...

This lady might be a little more eccentric than you would expect?
The drumming just goes on and on and on...

Summer, Fall, Winter or doesn't matter, the drummers are there.


James said...

I didn't see or hear the drummers this time but I used to all the time before I moved. It looks like there are more people involved now though. I can remember the sounds clearly

James said...
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Sylvia K said...

Ah, only in California!! I love it! My son is a drummer, I'll have to tell him about this one! Love all your photos and seeing all the different people! Terrific post for the day! Have a great week, Carolyn!


eileeninmd said...

Great shots, Carolyn I had to laugh at the eccentric lady.

Ebie said...

What a fun day! I say, these ladies are so bold and daring. Pink hair and mini dress! I bet it was just fun hearing the beats of the drum!

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

Wonderful. We don't see too much of this in good ole Oklahoma!

Martha Z said...

That seems to be quite a "happening".

Riet said...

What great pictures. I love it when people live their lives and enjoy theirselves.

Randi said...

Lovely and fun shots, Carolyn! Such an event would never happen on our beach...*smile*

Regina said...

So much fun here. Great world and captures.

sunnymama said...

What a wonderful place to be! :)

happilyretired said...

I love seeing your photos from Huntington Beach and find myself wondering whether we've crossed paths without realizing it. Great post ... sorry to be visiting so late. Opening my reader I see 23 new posts from you since I last visited. You've been BUSY haven't you ;-)
Hugs and blessings,