Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Weekend in Black and White, Photo Friday, Photo Hunter / Thunder & Lightning Powwow, Cabazon, California USA

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I photographed this beautiful young lady, tonight, at the 20th Annual Morongo Thunder & Lightning Powwow in Cabazon, California USA.
The event was sponsored by the Morongo Band of Mission Indians.

The Weekend in Black and White

Photo Friday
 The Weekly Photo Challenge
The theme is unforgettable.

Photo Hunter
The theme is natural.


Coffeeveggie addict. said...

She's beautiful with a nice smile.

Visit My weekend in blackandwhite

Carver said...

What a wonderful portrait. She is very beautiful and you captured that so well in this shot.

KMOYMAMA said...

I have heard or read about Powwow in a magazine or a newspaper. I want to see more photo that you took in Cabazon. She is beautiful.

Dragonstar said...

She is such a beauty! What a lovely outfit she's wearing.

noel said...


i like your natural take for this post. Her costume is gorgeous and your photography is beautiful

my natural post is on my plant blog today.

Ewa said...

beautiful photo!!

Liz said...

Natural beauty! Love her outfit.

Liz @ MLC

Alice Audrey said...

She's beautiful. Great shot, too, like an old time portrait.

My PhotoHunt is here.

TorAa said...

Excellent choice and Photo for all 3 Themes

msdewberry said...

She is beautiful in her regalia. Great photo!

Anonymous said...

My goodness, she's beautiful!!!

Rick said...

Lots of catching up to do - just finished going through your posts from most recent back. As I looked at each I thought, yes, THAT's my favourite, till I saw the next one, and so on, down the list. Loved your reflections, boat shots, the lamp posts (!).

Have a great Sunday Carolyn.

The one with the View said...

She is beautiful, as is your capture of her!! Great photo!