Monday, August 5, 2013

A Sentimental Journey - Mammoth Mountain, California USA

 Julie and I left the "fisher-boys" at Lake Mary and took Noah to the Base Lodge at Mammoth Mountain.  He looks so small  compared to the giant Mammoth sculpture!

I even feel small next to this 'big guy'! 
I had a very important reason to be here on this day...
 I wanted to take another small amount of my brother's ashes to the top of Cornice and Noah wanted to come too.  He doesn't know anything about ashes but he did know he wanted to ride the gondola up the mountain. 
My brother and I used to ski off this place way up in the sky. 
It seemed fitting that Fred should return here.

Noah and I had a little togetherness on a patch of snow first...

My dear brother isn't alone here.
Noah is sitting on a very large memorial for three men on the Mammoth Mountain Ski Patrol who perished in an accident here back in the winter of 2006.
They were checking the condition of a volcanic vent when it collapsed and they were instantly overcome by gasses.
They never took a second breath after the collapse...God Bless Them!

I quietly and reverently sprinkled Fred's ashes in the top of the "V" in the bottom right of this rock formation in front of the memorial.

Sweet little Noah continues to eat his gold fish crackers and people watch.
Yes, that is snow left over from last winter.
It won't be long before this entire area will be covered with snow once again and countless skiers will be going over the edge of Cornice either in a standing position or otherwise.
I did my share of the "otherwise" position!
We all get down one way or another and it was always fun.


People do climb around this rocky area but I don't think that will be a disturbance...
I didn't know this girl was in the photo until I downloaded it to my computer.
Her appearance is very special to me as my brother did the same 'pose of respect' in the South Pacific Islands of Bora Bora a few years ago.
Perhaps this is another sign that he is pleased with his return to Mammoth Mountain...
It makes me happy to believe this...therefore I shall...

I loved this happy pooch.
♥ a sentimental journey ♥
RIP my precious brother
Cornice at Mammoth Mountain,
California USA
July 20, 2013

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James said...

This is a very touching post. I can see why you and your brother enjoyed being there. Seems like the perfect place to bring his ashes.

You were on the same bench in Budapest a year before me and after seeing your photos it seems you were in the same hotel too. (Hotel Victoria)? By the way your Budapest photos are simply amazing!!!!