Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Skyline Queenstown Luge - Queenstown, New Zealand

The time we spent above Queenstown was wonderful...the views were to die for!
We were amused with the Luge and watching people of all ages riding the chairlift back up the mountain when their ride took them down!


Ahhh...she's friendly!

They are absorbed with the views of the "Remarkable Mountains" and Lake Wakatipu.

Is Everyone Having Fun?
Queenstown, New Zealand
November 29, 2012


RuneE said...

I think I would have loved to stay here!

Cezar and Léia said...

wow amazing adventure and you got wonderful images! I would love to visit New Zealand someday!
** thanks for your kind words
Léia - Bonjour et Bon Voyage

Linnea said...

I caught up with all your posts! You've been busy! Can't believe your grandson goes back to school so soon! Although San Jose starts on Aug. 13th... That's interesting that they make you wear a helmet on this chairlift. I wonder why? LOL! It's a long way down! Thanks for stopping by.