Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Exploring Galway

A mid morning stop for coffee at Esquires Coffee 
in Eyre Square.

These two menu items looked good to me but not so much to my husband and Sally. It was too early for lunch anyway.

The Eyre Square Hooker Sculpture (fountain) dominates the square.
The Galway hooker is a traditional fishing boat used in Galway Bay on the west coast of Ireland. The hooker was developed for the strong seas there. 
It’s sail plan consists of a single mast with a main sail and two foresails.
Traditionally the boat is black (coated in pitch) and the sails are a dark red-brown.

Old Ireland
Traditional Irish Fishing Boat
Photo by California Will on flickr 

Jerry leads the way!

Colorful Postcards

I wanted to taste one!

Looks Tempting!

We had dinner here and we were not disappointed!

A slice of life in Galway. 

We saw this man in Ennis, County Clare a few days before!

Swans on the River Corrib

We were checking out this highly recommended Italian restaurant...next time.

River Corrib Walk

William O’Briens Bridge at Bridge Street
The dome of the Galway Cathedral is visible in the distance and is our destination.

These colorful buildings are the Fitzgerald Kennedy Law Firm

The middle building is the Il Vicolo Italian Restaurant.
We chose another  that was very excellent. The Italian restaurants in Ireland seem to be very nice!

The River banks were full of beautiful flowers, 
The William O’Brien Bridge and the Italian restaurant are visible from a distance.

Old Bridge Ruins

We needed to cross the Salmon Weir Bridge on University Road to get to the Cathedral.

Reflections and Flowers

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