Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween 2009 / Julie, Bert and Chase are Pirates!

I took these photos of Julie, Bert and Chase before they left for their Halloween party at Mariana's and Gary's house. Chase was very excited about being a pirate and seeing his mommy and daddy all dressed up too. But, he discovered that costumes are not very comfortable and did some complaining...In the end, he had a big time trick-or-treating with all the kids at the party. Bert magically transformed his wagon into a pirate's ship! Way to go Daddy!

Click on images to enlarge for better detail!


KMOYMAMA said...

Geat photos! I am excited to see them in pirate clothes. Chase looks grown-up in the costume! Wow!!Thank you very much for sharing these photos with me.

John said...

Lovely halloween series!

Ebie said...

WTG, Chase! The family photos are so gorgeous! Love Chase's eye patch!

BlossomFlowerGirl said...

Greetings from Australia.
I love the pirate photos - just adore them. Looks like good family fun. Captains Starlight and Sparrow? And a lady pirate too! There's a 1945 film about a female pirate (well highwaywoman)
Melbourne Daily Photo

Martha Z said...

What a great group of pirates, very handsome all of them.

Marka said...

They look like they're ready to have a blast! I trust they all thoroughly enjoyed themselves.