Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thursday Challenge / Clothes / Huntington Beach, California...Oktoberfest

Thursday Challenge is "Clothes." These photos were taken on October 15, 09 at Huntington Beach, California during the annual German Oktoberfest. We had a great time and, yes, we did partake in a couple of mugs of beer!

Thursday Challenge


Nukke said...

California and Octoberfest, looks nice !!!!

Greetings from Finland :)

Krisu said...

Colourful and vibrant shots! Thank you for visiting my photoblog.

Anonymous said...

Their outfits make me smile. I can see that everyone is having fun. ;-)


violet said...

Love the flippy red Octoberfest skirts - and the dirndl tops. So much fun!

George said...

It looks as if Oktoberfest was a big success.