Wednesday, April 14, 2010

SkyWatch Friday and Looking at the Sky on Friday / Fish Eye

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I just took a chance and bought an Opteka 0.35 Fisheye Lens.
 It fits on my 18mm - 55mm lens perfectly and for the full fisheye effect the 18mm focal length should be used.
This fisheye (adapter) only cost $30 so you can imagine that I would be quite skeptical about it.
But the reviews were quite good so I ordered it through and am giving it a try.
I don't know much about fisheye photography so I am REALLY experimenting.
Unfortunately, Opteka doesn't include ANY kind of instructions on how to use this lens, either.
Maybe that's why it's only $30.
I think I got a couple of decent photos...

These photos were taken at our local reservoir "Puddingstone," or Frank Bonneli Park.
I'm not even sure I like fisheye photography, but, it might be fun to play with it for awhile.

I don't think it is supposed to be used vertically...but, I did.
Do you see the egg in the bottom of the tree?
I didn't even know it was there until I looked at this photo on my computer!
How's that for being observant?
Could it be a duck or goose egg?
Or might it be something left over from an Easter egg hunt?
I haven't a clue!
But I do know that I enjoyed being out at the lake this evening under a clear blue sky and lovely sunset playing with my new toy!


Spiderdama said...

I like`s cool to try something new. Maybe you can read about it on google.
Pic 2 it`s a great place, beatutiful!
Wish you a nice day and weekend:-)

Samson said...

Nice shots Carolyn, congrats on your new lens :)

fredamans said...

Beautiful shots! Love the birds eye view!

maryt/theteach said...

Excellent photos, Carolyn! Nice job! :)

EG Wow said...

Oh, a fish-eye lens looks like so much fun! I LOVE the results!

Manang Kim said...

Know what they are so pretty!! I might try fish eye too. Happy weekend!

SWF~Blue puffy sky

J Bar said...

good shots.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

Sylvia K said...

Terrific captures, Carolyn! And isn't it fun to play with something new?? The egg is amazing! Hope you have a great weekend! Enjoy!


Snuggly Monkey mama said...

For "just experimenting" these are some pretty cool shots. I really like the one shot through the two palms. Thanks for stopping by yesterday :)

Ralph said...

The fish eye effect seems akin to a snow globe (to us northerners, anyway). Our eyes are drawn to the center of the frame, so we see the vision the lens (and photographer( suggested. I miss an SLR since my heavy Pentax K1000 and the K-mount fisheye lens I had in the day. I hope someday fro a DSLR camera and a fixture to mount it on my wheelchair. Beautiful subjects, all!

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

A single white egg—
will eagle or egret hatch
or perhaps a crane?

My Sky

Carver said...

I like the way the effect works with these. At first I thought the first shot was done through an actual tunnel. The egg in the last one is such a great surprise.

Ebie said...

I love the effect! It is worth the purchase! I cannot pick which ones I like, but all of them are just beautifully captured.

Regina said...

Wow Carolyn. Gorgeous scenes and beautiful effect.
Happy weekend.

lina@women's perspectives said...

wow...fabulous photos and effects :)

Linnea W said...

You seem to be having a lot of fun with your new lens. It's great and creative! I, too, feel like I'm an outsider looking into a glass ball of someone else's world. Have fun and thanks for stopping by at my SWF. (I almost got blown off that pier it was so windy!)

Christina said...

Amazing!! Nice shots.. very creative!

Visit mine here

Patti said...

That looks like fun to try out a new lens.

The fisheye gives photos an interesting effect. These photos are cool.

I love the first one!

Kcalpesh said...

Cool shots with the fish eye lens :-)

Pixellicious Photos

KMOYMAMA said...

I can easily understand how much you are enjoying fisheye effects by Opteka 0.34 Fisheye. I want to get one. It must be fun to shoot with this one. What interesting and amazing photos you shot!