Saturday, January 1, 2011

Camera Critters, Mellow Yellow, Ruby Tuesday - Behind the Scenes of the Rose Parade, Pasadena, California USA

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I drove to Pasadena to 3 different locations where the float decorating was taking place.
If you saw the parade, either live or via t.v., you probably saw some of these images gracing the floats.
These beautiful horses were on the float which was dedicated to "Saving the Mustangs."
They are covered in various seeds to create their beautiful markings.

White mums are being applied to this cute little face!

This man is cutting dried flowers into tiny pieces.

These giant flowers are waiting to be covered in seeds and then they will support beautiful floral bouquets once mounted upon their float.

I also photographed buckets of white roses which are on my previous post.
You can see them here.


Kay L. Davies said...

Beautiful. So much work goes into each float. And seeds! I'd never have thought of that.
I just heard my husband talking to the dog, "Come on, Lindy, let's go for a walk, then we can come home and watch the Rose Bowl."
A sure signal for me to have a nap. LOL
-- K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
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Al said...

Great, unusual Camera Critters.

desertsandbeyond said...

OMG!!!!! Are you AT the Rose Parade? I grew up in Arcadia and only went to the Rose Parade high school! Can you believe it? Hey, we drove to Joshua Tree this morning...neat pics! Barker Dam was LOW!!!!
~~Cheryl Ann~~

Rick said...

Beautiful behind-the-scenes shots, Carolyn. What an incredible amount of work goes into this !

Have a wonderful 2011 - I look forward to more of your posts.

Scott said...

It's so nice to see a little of the background work that goes into this gorgeous parade. I did attend it live about 30 years ago. Great fun.

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

Great photos. We watch the parade and the "making of the parade" shows ever year.

Martha Z said...

I thought those mustangs were the most astounding of all the floats. Even without an HD signal they looked so lovely, so life like, I was very impressed. It’s interesting to see the the close-ups of the flowers going on.

Becca said...

I totally slept through the parade this year...I was not happy!

khaye said...

great creation .

Kim, USA said...

I love Roses parade every New Year! I am always amazed how they do all the stuff they made. Just fantastic!
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Robin said...

My parents flew out from NY especially to see the Rose Parade one year, and they were lucky enough to have a chance to see some of the preparations in advance, too. So cool.

I love the parades but sadly they're not shown here in Israel so it's been about 20 years since I've gotten to see one.

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Liz said...

Love the splashes of red.

Happy RT!

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Johnny Nutcase said...

that's a pretty cool behind the scenes post, Carolyn! Really neat art (you gotta be patient, yikes!). Love the horses!

James said...

This is so cool. I'm amazed by the process of making these incredible floats!

gemini said...

I love float such as beautifully crafted.Amazing talents of those who were involved. Happy days ahead for you.