Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sydney Harbor Bridge (Bridge Climb) - Sydney, NSW, Australia

Something we did not do, but, kind of wish we had was to take part in the Bridge Climb!
For a hefty fee you can climb to the very top of the Sydney Harbor Bridge.  It's quite a workout but surely worth the effort for the view of the city!
People do this day and evening...amazing!
Can you see the dots on the top...brave people!!!
Jerry and I walked the span of the bridge from the traffic/pedestrian level and that was impressive.
We viewed the Opera House and city from many vantage points.
Gotta' love Sydney!
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Rick said...

Wow - I got vertigo just from looking at the people on top of that bridge (mind you, I get vertigo at the top of a 6 foot ladder ;-)

Great shot of the bridge !

Couldn't resist looking at a lot of shots from your down under trip - fantastic ! Especially all the underwater ones with gorgeous colors. And I loved those ones of your grandsons playing with the flashlights - sure beats an iPod/iPad ...

Happy New Year !

SquirrelQueen said...

Oh wow, the view from up there must be gorgeous but what a climb it would be. I would have been very tempted to give it a try.

Linda Jacobs said...

I love heights! Would love to climb up there! Cool shot.

Jim said...

The views from there are marvellous.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

Jim said...

Carolyn, it's a shame you had grey skies on your visit. We've had quite a lot of rain this summer but when the clouds go away you get some stunning blue skies, like we've had this week.

Anonymous said...

An excellent picture.

Please have a good Friday.

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mary said...

I will climb for the sake of photography ^_^ Happy weekend!


Genie said...

I cannot even begin to imagine the fear I would experience trying to climb of to the top of the bridge. Am assuming they have tethers hanging which you hold onto as you climb p. Too scary for me. Your photo of it is superb...and I love getting to see the people on the top. genie

Gaelyn said...

I think that would be fun and I'll bet the views are superb, from the top or the walkway. Nice shot.

Spare Parts and Pics said...

Great shot of the bridge! May be next time you can climb it.

Irene said...

Great shot, and what a contruction! Amazing!

Wish you a great weekend!


Sanna said...

Nice shot
I would never even think of making that climb. I prefer to stay safely on the ground.

Have a nice weekend =)

James said...

I'm just glad you took this photo!

Andrea said...

You said you gotta love Sydney, i fully understand. Sydney is my first travel abroad, and now after many countries later including a few in Europe, it is still my favorite, and the most that i miss.