Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Freight Trains along the Cajon Pass, California USA

 My youngest grandson, Noah, is officially interested in choo choos now!
22 months old...

 We are out on highway 138 in the high desert watching the freight trains chugging their way through the Cajon Pass, California USA

 They sure are noisy screeching and clanking along!

 We drove to another location to get another good look at them!

The engineer waved to us as he passed this time!
So cool!
I don't think Noah even saw the engineer.
He was too fascinated by the wheels!
(yes, I know his shoes don't there a reason?  yes...I couldn't find the mate to either pair so we just put on a left and a right!  His mother couldn't believe it!!!!!!!)


Fernando Santos (Chana) said...

Excelentes fotografias de bela criança....

Scott said...

Cute little guy. Every child goes through the fascination with trains . . . some of us never outgrow it.