Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Szentendre, Hungary3

I loved exploring this village!
First uphill and now downhill...something to see around every bend.

All the houses and buildings are different.

Our dear Agnes has found some people to talk with...probably about photography!

okay...we got her back...onward we go.
I spy a cafe ahead on the left...outdoor tables!

Jenny is ready for a snack and so are the rest of us!
Great idea!

We will choose the first table on the right...perfect!

It can't get any better than this...a bride and groom walk by with their photographer!
Little did they know they had about 5 photographers when we joined in...oh, now this is fun!

They are so young!  

The bride and groom move on but more people arrive to keep us amused with our photography!

There is something to be said about village life!
Such a great day and it's not over yet...more to come.
March 10, 2012

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