Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Szentendre, Hungary2

 After walking and eating our way through the center of the village we set out to explore.
Szentendre is a tiered little village with many interesting neighborhoods on the higher levels, which, of course, require steps and more steps!
I had some serious exposure problems with these photos, but, I'm posting them anyway...
It was not a 'light friendly' time of day!

 Every level took us to the roof top view of the area...a grand view!

 The roof tops are now at eye-level but it gets better!

 ...part and only part of the grand view!

 This is the Parish of St. John, a Roman Catholic Church.

 A man reads in peace on the church grounds.

 We saw this little shop as we looked over the edge of the church property to the level below...
beautiful hand made Hungarian pottery.

 ...a few steps to the left from where we were standing we can now see more rooftops and the beautiful Danube River as it flows from the north and west towards Budapest and beyond to the Black Sea.

 I loved this roof...totally charming!

We are now inside a local art museum.
No photography is allowed inside.
I took this photo of a mother with her young child outside the window.
The docent heard my camera and rushed to tell me not to take photos!
I showed her it was not of the artwork but she kept an eye on me anyway...oops!

This is Blagovestenska Church...Greek Orthodox... which is below in the village center.
March 10, 2012

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