Friday, August 4, 2017

IRELAND 2017 - Los Angeles to Shannon

Los Angeles International Airport to Shannon International Airport

Our trip began at LAX on Friday, July 7, 2017. We met our friend, Sally, at the United Airlines check-in counter. We checked in, checked our bags and not too long later, the first leg of our trip began.

Waiting for our turn on the tarmac created about a half hour delay.  Our connection time in Chicago was a little tight, but, we made it!

We're somewhere over the Midwest and getting closer to Chicago.

B7 was just a few gates away. Easy!

No time for restrooms or snacks but I was able to get 
a photo while standing in line to board.

We were flying east so it was "lights out" for most of the way to Shannon.

We slept a little but not much. 


We're landing! It's about 7:00 am local time and look at all of that green!
It rains a lot in Ireland and it appears that's the kind of day we will have! 
Our first six days were organized by Sally through her time share. We will stay at their beautiful property and enjoy daily tours in the County Clare area in West Ireland. 
Yes, we are excited!

Our first shamrock sighting!
And, out the door to our coach!
We are here!


Pat Tillett said...

Hi Carolyn! It's really nice to see your posts. Glad to see that you are out there having a good time. I SO BADLY want to go to Ireland. Maybe someday.
That was a lot of air miles you racked up getting there.

Carolyn Ford said...

Thank you Pat for finding me again. It's been about 4 years since I've posted...I just got in the mood again, so here I am!

Ireland, is indeed, beautiful and very special. I am part Irish so visiting this country was high on my bucket list. I want to go back so I guess Ireland remains on my bucket list :)