Saturday, November 16, 2013

Basilica San Marco, Venezia, Veneto, Italia

"The breathtaking Basilica San Marco dominating the Piazza San Marco was constructed in such ornate fashion for two reasons:  as an embodiment of the Venetian Republic's power and as a fitting resting place for St. Mark.
Serving as the Doges' chapel, coronations, funerals and processions were held here, gloriously framed by more than 4,000 sq. ft. of mosaics, eastern treasures and 500 columns dating from the 3rd century."
 - Eyewitness Travel
As we prepared to visit this church we found ourselves disappointed that 'no' photography was allowed inside.
However, when we entered we noticed that most people were taking photographs and nobody seemed to be monitoring it.
We nervously took a few photos, only a few...
Ascension Dome
The central dome has a spectacular array of early 13th century mosaics, depicting the New Testament.
The ceiling and interior dome of this basilica are mind-boggling beautiful!
 I could have spent hours in here photographing every detail!
It's just that amazing!
 The prayer candles cast a warm light.
"Inside the basilica museum is the famed quartet of horses crafted in bronze and covered in gold.
Booty from the Fourth Crusade, these triumphal Graeco-Roman equine figures originally graced the Hippodrome in Constantinople.  They have been restored to their former glory."
- Eyewitness Travel
Basilica San Marco
Venezia, Veneto, Italia
September 27, 2013

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Pat Tillett said...

Wow! This building is truly an amazing thing. I never did understand that no photography rule. It doesn't damage anything (at least something I recently read said) and that whole thing is a myth and unfounded.
You took some fantastic photos! Those horses!