Sunday, September 6, 2009

Chase at the Koi Pond (September 2, 09)

I am so exited! I just created my first mosaic or collage! It was so simple but I struggled for days trying to do it. I am posting this only as celebration of "mission accomplished." Some of these pics are already in previous posts.

Chase and I went to Mission San Juan Capistrano last week and we both loved the Koi ponds...he loved the fish and I loved the water lilies.

I am also learning Photoshop editing so I hope the skin tones will improve over time. This mosaic will be my "mile marker" for gauging my progress (if there is any).

Click on image to enlarge for greater detail.


KMOYMAMA said...

Yes, your mission is completed! In Japan we can see many koi ponds with water lilies. We have one in our city. They are beautiful indeed. Chase is beatiful, too.

beth said...

I need to set up chase with little girl I photographed last week...what a cute couple they would be :)

SquirrelQueen said...

Your collage is beautiful, Chase makes a wonderful center photo. I was seeing some koi at the pond in one of our parks but not recently.