Thursday, November 26, 2009

Benches of the Week / Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA

I spent 5 days traveling in Arizona with my friend last week. We spent 2 nights (1 full day) at the Grand Canyon before we moved on to Sedona, Arizona. It was easy to find rather rustic old benches with very "over the top" lovely views! There is a train that carries visitors about 60 miles from the south rim of the canyon to the small town of Williams, Arizona. It only makes one round trip each day this time of year. Many visitors get a hotel in Williams and travel, either by car or train to the canyon.

Benches of the Week


RuneE said...

Wooden benches become small compared to the greatness of structures like Grand Canyon. Let's just sit down and enjoy the view.

Shannon said...

I really do need to take a trip there someday soon.... the views seem BREATHTAKING!

Dimple said...

All the benches are great, but I like the picture of the train station bench best--the repeated parallel horizontal lines really make the shot!