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Friday, November 27, 2009

Fototriss / SKÖN / Sunset Crater, Arizona AND Color Carnival

The theme for Fototris is SKÖN which means "beautiful or nice" in Swedish.
These 3 photos were taken at sunset at Sunset Crater in Arizona, USA., last Saturday, November 21, 2009. The lava/basalt at the base creates a stark contrast to the higher elevation. This creates a scene that looks like a glowing torchlight during the hour before sunset.

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Color Carnival


Martha Z said...

The contrast in these is stunning. Great shots.

Rinkly Rimes said...

Lime green and purple, caught at the magic moment.

Terri said...

Beautiful, Carolyn!

Jama said...

Stunning colors!

Coffeedoff said...

Amazing colours! Great photos!

KMOYMAMA said...

Color graduation is incredible!

Martha@Menagerie said...

Stunning is a good word for these! Color Carnival will be back January 1st! :-)