Sunday, November 15, 2009

PhotoStory Friday / Chalk Art Festival (or Face Art?)

This is such a typical middle schooler! I got this shot at a Chalk Art Festival in my local community this past Saturday. The artists were mostly elementary school through college age levels. This guy, apparently needed more room than his space on the sidewalk provided!? In all of my years in the classroom... I am reminded that there is always at least "one" who would do something like this...all of you teachers out there must know what I mean! This kid had a very nice project started but just needed to take a break, I it!

You can see some of the chalk art by clicking here and here.

PhotoStory Friday


RuneE said...

My youngest daughter (aged 16) would just have loved this kind of thing, but I haven't seen any around here. Maybe it rains to much?

Martha Z said...

There were some very talented artist at this event. As for this boy, if he were mine I think I'd hose him off outside before I let him in the house.
Going back over comments this morning I saw that you had asked about "stressful" encounters on my hikes. I have seen black bears a few times but I was in a group and they didn't bother us. Hiking alone I once confronted a group on mountain bikers in the wilderness. Foolishly I blocked their path and tried (not too politely) to convince them to turn around. I think that was my most stressful encounter.
My mother was not to be intimidated by man or beast so I guess I take after her. I don't like to hike in grizzley bear territory and I don't like to bike through a herd of cattle.

CC said...

Wow! Looks awesome!

Cecily R said...

Our town has a chalk art festival in the spring and it's fantastic! So much fun to see all the talent in the community.

I'd be willing to bet that your little artist subject had very colorful bathwater that night! :)

Ebie said...

I think this kid is a very good sport!

Carletta said...

I can look back at the years and SEE the ones that would do this!
Cute shot!

KMOYMAMA said...

We don't have chal festivals here in Japan. Thank you for sharing a culture in your country with me.