Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Photo Hunt Challenge / August 2010

1.  A flag that represents your country, state, town or team, etc.
The U.S flag flies proudly on this building at Ports-a-Call, San Pedro, California USA.
August 27, 2010

2.  Something Comfortable

3.  Something in Season

4.  Feet

5.  Repetition

6.  Ethnicity or Culture
Olvera Street, Los Angeles, California USA

7.  Contrast

8.   Indulgence

9.  Macro or Close-Up

10.  Something Masculine

11.  Something Feminine

12.  Light

13.  Eco-Friendly

14.  Business

15.  An Arrow

16.  Something Wet

 17.  Something Dry

18.  Butterfly (decorative)

19.  Heart - Shaped Cloud

 20.  Strength

Photo Hunt Challenge
August 2010


Photo Cache said...

you did fabulously on these challenges. love your editing skills - they have seen a gargantuan leap from when you were starting.


Spiderdama said...

This is a wonderful post! So many great pictures! You are so good:-)
Hugs from Tania

fredamans said...

Incredible all around. I have to say, The WET one is my fave. It speaks volumes.

Scott said...

What a great and diverse display. Lots of work went into this post. Great job.

Ann said...

When I was young in Borneo, I used paper umbrellas like this. Now it is fashionable. Not then, I wanted the cloth type.

Re: the man pretending to be statue.

The man was there for at least two hours. That was how long I was walking round and round the park looking for John Edgar's sculpture. Each time, i passed him, he was still there.

He had a bandanna on, making him very obvious.

Usually, you get children climbing up there for a while, but a grown man, very unusual.

Rick said...

I'm very impressed Carolyn - what a collection. I certainly can't pick a fav from these - such a variety of great shots. You did superb on this challenge - I thoroughly enjoyed viewing it!

The Rocky Creek Scotties said...

Absolutely fantastic!!

KMOYMAMA said...

I am just impressed with your creative photography! You really did a great job!!

shannon said...

that comfy spot is calling my name! good job with all the pictures. you did a great job!

Alita said...

Love your light & you wet version. Great work!

Ang said...

Love your close up and something wet. all of your photos are fantastic! Love how you edit!

Nancy E said...

Light & Wet shots were my faves, but they were all GREAT! Nice work! :)

Here are my selections:


Mommy2Four said...

Wonderful! I love your wet shot, and your feet shot! So cute!

Reading Allowed said...

I love your light shot, it is just beautiful! I kept going back to that one.

Sarah said...

Wow! What great shots! I love your photo for light, just gorgeous! Also enjoyed your something comfortable photo.

Faith said...

butterfly, wet, strength and light were my favorites! nice collection! they are all lovely!

Betty Anne said...

Love your shots for close-up and strength.

Chrystal said...

I think they are all amazing. I love the comfort and butterfly.

nana_ang_poppaphil said...

amazing shots, love your strength choice.

Amy said...

Thanks for commenting on my photos!

I love all of yours, I can't even pick a favorite. The first one has great colors. But I think I love the light photo most - it's gorgeous!

Christy said...

beautiful pictures! my favorite is the repetition!

Colleen said...

Masculine is adorable. And I love your light and wet shots!

Nat said...

great entries. I love the leading lines in flag. And my favorite is light. Great job!

Samson said...

great set of photo's Carolyn... great job.... not able to pick my fav... each one of them are good... love the processing and some photo's made me go WOW!

Kristi said...

forgive me for laughing, but I first thought your feet photo was your "something in season" and I thought that was funny! Then I realized you post photo first, then what category it was. Silly me! Anyway, I loved so many of your photos, especially macro and light. and the butterfly is pretty cool too

Ashley Sisk said...

These are great - in particular, I love your masculine and something wet shots. Great work! Have a great weekend.

Carolyn Haines said...

I love your images.

Anonymous said...

fantastic job...your night shot and the chairs are really awesome...they're my favourites!