Saturday, December 29, 2012

A Volcano Erupts! Tongariro National Park, North Island, New Zealand

 After leaving Lake Taupo we continued to drive south on the North Island.
We had as close a view of Mt. Tongariro as possible due to the volcanic activity on November 21, 2012 in the early afternoon.
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 These photos were taken from a moving coach on a less than straight road.
We were amazed to see the steam gushing out of the Te Maari Crater!
The ash cloud had subsided by this day, November 23, 2012.

 There was no place to stop on this portion of the road so these photos are the keepers...

It was a cloudy day threatening rain but we managed to stay dry.
The volcanic steam mixes with the clouds hovering over the mountains.

We are in the Tongariro National Park passing some pretty amazing scenery!
Mt. Tongariro, New Zealand
The northernmost of the 3 active volcanoes in Tongariro National Park.
November 23, 2012

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