Monday, December 17, 2012

Huka Falls - North Island, New Zealand

This photo was taken from a footbridge above the Waikato River in New Zealand.
It is a view looking upstream.

This is a view looking downstream from the bridge.
The Waikato is the longest river on the North Island (425 km.)

The Huka Falls drop 11 meters.

 You can witness the phenomena of natural hydro-power at Huka Falls...
220,000 liters of water / second!

A youtube video shows a kayaker navigating this river and the falls...YIKES!


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Gerald (Hyde DP) said...

Ah yes I recognise this from our trip in 2001 - looking at some your pics of the road in your later posts it doesn't seem to have altered too much (although of course Christchurch certainly has)