Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Home Sweet Home - Galway, Ireland

We are "in" for the night. It looks much later than it actually was. It was  looking dark partially because of the rain but also because sunset doesn't even happen until nearly 11:00 pm.
It was actually only about 7:00 pm.
It felt good to be in since the day was full of adventure...taking a train the wrong direction can be exciting. We could have taken the 5 hour slow train and arrived earlier!
But, we made it to Galway from Ennis!
This is the view from our window of the street below.
We were on the third floor.
 We had a nice view of Galway Bay from our deck but it wasn't visible on this evening because of the rainy weather.

I really like red umbrellas but in this case pink did just fine. It was a Friday evening and quieter on the streets than we had expected. 
Everything changed about midnight when we went to bed...
The pubs are "happy" places!

I believe we made a friend...
There's a seagull at our window, looking at us!

This cute seagull stuck around all night, every night!
Thankfully it rains a lot to keep the window ledges clean.

We finally gave it a little bread!
Then a little more and then a little more again, and again, and again.
Yep! We had a new friend!

Geez! It wants more!
It's time for bed, little buddy. 
We will see you in the morning!

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Pat Tillett said...

Yep, those gulls are smarter than they look!
Love the view out your window. I image the view was much the same 100 years ago...