Monday, September 18, 2017

It Was Time to Say Goodbye

It was Friday early morning, July 14, 2017.
It was time to leave this beautiful resort and the great people we met while touring together.
Everyone was moving on in different directions. We were being driven to Ennis to catch a train to Galway. 

This was our train, so we thought...
One direction goes to Galway the other to Limerick. 
We discovered about 15 to 20 minutes into the ride that we were going to Limerick instead of Galway. GEEZ!!!
We got off at the next stop which was just a minute further.
It wasn't a station.
It was the Nine Mile Bridge stop, a sheltered stop, but just a stop!
There was a shelter, a nice long bench and  a schedule. 
That schedule was not our friend for it was the bearer of bad news...two hours+ before the next train from Limerick to Ennis. And then another near two hour wait from Ennis to Galway!
There went our early arrival in Galway!

It was a bit chilly and my husband was just thrilled to be stuck, for what felt like, forever.

Here comes a train, but not ours.
It was also going to Limerick.
It occupied a few moments as a photo op!

The Gaelic language is amusing to me...this photo  amused me for a moment.

Flowers to photograph helped pass a few minutes!
No, I wasn't pulling off petals for each minute 🌺

We had fully flexible tickets so we only needed to purchase a ticket back to Ennis. The fully flexible tickets were good the rest of the way.
So, we bought the ticket from the machine on the platform. We used up a few minutes taking care of ticket business😊

Another distraction...I like signs!

What a glorious sight! Here comes our train! 
Right on time!
Yay! Back to Ennis!

We got a coffee and waited.
And, here comes our train!
We were finally on our way to Galway!
What a day but we laugh about it so all is well. 
Our first late afternoon and evening in Galway was perfect!
No more problems!

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