Saturday, September 23, 2017

The Ferry to Inisheer

The Ride of Our Lives
We boarded the ferry that would take us to the smallest and nearest of the three Aran Islands. 
We chose our space outside because this was going to be a very bumpy ride. 
I had some apprehension about this boat ride because I do get seasick but I took some Dramamine and hoped for the best!

That boat looks a lot like ours. 
The water looks so calm in this little harbor...
maybe it won't be so bad?

 Our coach waited for about 4 hours for our return.
I was secretly kind of wishing I could stay with the coach...
But no! 
We want to see this awesome island and really wishing we could see all three of them.
This will be a memorable, no doubt!

Once we left Doolin Harbor it wasn't long before we were hanging on with white knuckle grips to the rails of the boat! 
No photos!
But we eventually came to calm waters near our destination. 
What a relief!

I don't know how he can do this all day.
The Wild Atlantic Way is rarely smooth sailing.

Bye bye for a few hours! 
We had two hours of fun on the island before we faced round two...the return trip!

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Pat Tillett said...

It takes quite a while to get used to rough (or rough-ish) water.
I don't get seasick at all, but I'm not fond of it.
Nice photos!