Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Tuamgraney, County Clare, Ireland

We had a very nice late lunch at Nuala's Bar and Restaurant in Tuamgraney, Scariff, County Clare, Ireland.
It was our last day with the tour group in County Clare. We were feeling a little melancholy and also a bit of excitement to move onward with our journey across Ireland.

Here, our guide is trying to move the hanging plant off the name of the restaurant for me. He is quite tall but not tall enough :)

Nuala's Bar and Restaurant 
After lunch we took a walk down the street to a local 10th century church to attend a concert of traditional Irish music.

The little village of Tuamgraney is very beautifully decorated with flowers. 
If a boat doesn't float, fill it with flowers! 🌺 

It was a short 10 minute walk to the church which included time to admire the gardens along the way.

This is a small park beside the church and it is beautiful and so peaceful.

And, a creek was filled with peaceful reflections.

Some people entered the church right away and others, including me, wandered around the old cemetery. 
This church has been in continuous use longer than any other church in Ireland or the U.K.
Some of the graves were rather recent while others went back centuries. 
Many gravestones are so old and weather beaten that they can no longer be read. 

A Recent and Simple Marker


Pat Tillett said...

REALLY nice photos! You really did have yourselves quite an adventure!

I love really old cemeteries. So much history there.

Carolyn Ford said...

We did, Pat! Thank you so much! And about those old cemeteries, the dates on some of those stones are mind boggling!