Saturday, December 26, 2009

Scenic Sunday / Not Warm Enough For Me!

These photos were taken at Dana Point Harbor, California on Dec. 23, 09 (the afternoon before Christmas Eve).  While most of our nation is buried in snow, these people are out playing on the waters of the Pacific Ocean!  I don't know how these people could be doing husband and I were wearing long sleeves and light jackets.  It's not that warm out here in southern California! 

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Scenic Sunday


Della said...

Absolutely too cold for me too!

eileeninmd said...

Cool shot, I guess they felt warm from paddling?

Shannara said...

Looks so much warmer than outside my window.

Nice pics.

Evelyn Howard said...

Nice pics Carolyn. I know what you mean - I'm often in my jumper while some people are swimming in the sea... The person in the top pic has hardly anything on!

michael bird said...

I imagine they try really hard to stay dry. I would. Nice reminder that the whole country isn't under snow and cold.

storyteller said...

Wonderful shots! In my younger days I did such things ... earning many a Polar Bear Patch by water-skiing on New Year's Day w/o a wetsuit, but these days I'm with you. Watching while wearing a toasty jacket is about my speed. I'm sharing a scenic mosaic of photos that I took in Hemet, CA on Christmas Eve.
Hugs and blessings,