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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Benches of the Week / Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Memorial

We visited the Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Memorial yesterday. The gardens and memorial site have many nice benches for those needed solitary moments that creep up on us. I photographed the two benches in front of the grave sites of Former President Nixon and the Former First Lady of the United States and also the benches in front of the Former President's birth home on these grounds adjacent to the memorial site.

Benches of the Week


magiceye said...

the benches are so quaintly classical! lovely captures all!

Carletta said...

I had not realized his home was there. Thanks for sharing.

RuneE said...

When you do these things in the US, you do it in style! I guess there are many thoughts that come when you walk around in this special memorial that need proper benches like this to sort out.

Ebie said...

It must be a huge outdoor area, cause there are benches all over, I guess people touring the gardens need a little rest in between.