Monday, November 11, 2013

Venezia, Veneto, Italia - Our Arrival

 Just about everything I love about Venice I saw the first late afternoon and evening of this trip.
People on their balconies have interesting conversations.
Loved this dramatic!
 Our first Venetian masks with so many more to come!
LOVE the masks!
 Another man enjoying his balcony view! we loved the laundry!
 And, it gets so much more colorful as time goes on!
 People love their dogs.
This king size doggy and man seem to be best friends.
 Little bridges and reflections are everywhere.
 People stroll and seem to enjoy everything they see.
 I love to find the things you don't expect to see, like this toilet in a boat!
Not much privacy here!
 The architecture and street lamps...wOw!
 ...yummy bakeries!
 We saw this man and his king sized dog again in another location.
The doggy is very patient with the man's cell phone usage!
It's getting dark and the beautiful 'blue hour' has come to enhance the beauty of this place!
Where shall we have dinner was the big question...there were so many choices.
We chose a simple but wonderful cafe with outside dining right alongside the Grand Canal...
perfect choice!
A moored gondola is all tucked in for the night which reminded us we needed some well deserved shut-eye too.
September 26, 2013

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