Monday, November 4, 2013

The Colors of Burano, Veneto, Italy

 On September 28, 2013 we took a boat (Vaporetto) from Venice to Burano and fell in love with this very colorful island in the Venetian Lagoon.
The Venetians love their boats and there are a whole lot of them!
 The colors become visible as we make our way to the Vaporetto Stop on Burano.
 Like Venice, there are no cars on this tiny island...foot traffic and boats is the way to get around.
Most doors had a beautiful curtain.
 Amazing colors and laundry...
 Some houses were on the side of a canal and others were back away from the water.
 Loved the laundry!

 ...and the flowers!



 Pretty umbrellas, too!
 Burano is known for its fine lace making.

I'll take one of each, please!

for fishing...
 Even the broom adds to the dramatic color scheme!
 Isn't this just the cutest window covering!

Burano is just a 40 minute boat ride (Vaporetto) from Venice and such a nice way to spend a half day during a Venetian vacation!
We LOVED Burano!
September 28, 2013

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Pat Tillett said...

Wow! What a beautiful and colorful place. Your photos of it are top notch! Do you know the story behind the door curtains?

I just looked at the photos again. I LOVE the one with broom hanging on the wall. Those colors!