Monday, November 11, 2013

Vaporetto Ride on the Grand Canal - Venezia, Veneto, Italia

 Our plan for our first full day in Venezia was to start with a vaporetto (ferry) ride to the Piazza San Marco and to just enjoy the sights on the Grand Canal.
Here we are approaching the famous Ponte di Rialto.
 The scene constantly changes as the boats and gondolas come and go.
 A little side canal off the Grand Canal appears to be quite crowded but nobody seems to mind.
 We continue down the canal gazing at all the color and opulence of days gone by!
 There are gondolas everywhere!

 I love this scene with the people sitting on the steps in the background.

 This is the Santa Maria dell Salute Church at the southernmost entrance to the Grand Canal.
Its silhouette has become one of Venice's most well-known landmarks.
At the very end of the Grand Canal is the Punta della Dogana.
It is here that some of the grandest views can be enjoyed, rain or shine!
September 27, 2013

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Pat Tillett said...

Your beautiful photos really make me want to go there. I love the history of the place.