Monday, November 11, 2013

Venezia, Veneto, Italia - near the Santa Lucia Train Station

 We have arrived in Venezia!
We are tired but pumped with adrenaline to get out and explore for a little while.
It was a long trip from Los Angeles to Rome and then on to Venezia.

A gondola passes beneath the Ponte degli Scalzi (bridge) just as we looked over the edge...nice!
 Jerry doesn't look tired, he looks happy to be standing on this amazing bridge taking in the view.
It's the Ponte degli Scalzi which spans the Grand Canal and offers some of the best views in Venezia.
 It's a very popular and busy bridge with tourists and locals and those who have something for sale!
 We started our walk on the other side with no particular destination in mind.
We just walked and tried to keep track of where we were so we might get back at a decent hour.
After crossing the bridge we looked back and admired its beauty not realizing we would cross this bridge a dozen or more times during our stay in Venice.
This is the San Simeon Piccolo Church and it is the first view to visitors arriving by train.
It has a green oxidized dome and Neoclassical façade in a vague imitation to Rome's Pantheon.
The original church was built in the 9th century and this one was rebuilt in 1718-38.
It's been around for quite a while!
This church is actually rather unimportant as far as Venice churches go, but it is most people's first view of Venice!
September 26, 2013

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