Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Chase and the Maze...(August 12, 2009)

My dear friend, Sally, gave Jerry and me two tickets to see, "Fiddler on the Roof" last night. It was opening night for this tour at this theater. It was a brilliant production and most enjoyable. We had seen the stage production once before but it was many years ago. This all led to my picture taking frenzy today. The theater (Orange County Performing Arts) is lovely, both, inside and out. There is a maze made up of short bushes which is part of the landscaping. It is perfect for small children to play! They are not as likely to get "seriously" lost. I returned to the theater today with my grandson, Chase. He ran all around the maze and thought it was fun to hide. Notice that his hands are quite dirty by the last few pictures in this post!

I was delighted to take lots and lots of pictures! There were a few other children enjoying time there as well.

Thank you, Sally! We enjoyed the show very much, and, that led to the idea of returning to play in the maze and the delight of the gorgeous flowers and water! Thank you!


KenMoyama said...

I do not take pictures of people very often, but the pictures of Chase with various expressions and movements that you photographed made me think to take snapshots of children.

Emm said...

Oh my, I love your photos! I love the vibrant colurs in this post and your grandson is such a cherub!