Friday, August 14, 2009

One Great Day! (August 14, 2009)

Today was the final screening of the theses for Matt's class at The Los Angeles Film School. We were very excited and with much anticipation about viewing what Matt has worked so hard to accomplish. And...we were amazed to see the great accomplishments done by all the film students! We enjoyed every minute of the 3 hours it took to see all the films submitted at this time in the big screen theater within the school. I can't believe they learned so much since just last August. Strong and solid friendships have been gained that I am sure will last forever. Wow! Were we ever impressed! They not only created their own "short film" but, had integral parts in each others' work as well. Seeing Matt's name in the credits of many films verified the many hours and days he was on location with his peers, as well as their names in the credits of Matt's film. I believe each shoot has special memories never to be forgotten.

These pictures show the individuals who Matt worked closely with all year, and there were others. Many nationalities are represented within this group...U.S.A, Russia, Jamaica, Venezuela, Peru and Spain, to name a few.

My post back on July 13, 2009 has pictures of Matt's shoot. Many of the same people are seen in those pictures. Katherine Tran, a film student, did the photography then. The location was on the desert north-east of Los Angeles in May.

Great work and congratulations to all of you! You made us so proud!

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KenMoyama said...

I can easily guess how happy and impressed you were to see what Matt has worked for about a year at the film school! Congraltulations on Matt and his peers!