Thursday, August 13, 2009

Ding Ding...( August 12, 2009)

Almost a daily ritual is going to the railroad tracks, either the local commuter or the freight train, so Chase can watch the ding ding! The "ding ding" is actually the lights and gates at roadways. He is usually more interested in these lights and gates than the actual train itself. We have a schedule for the commuter trains (Metrolink) so that is our best choice most of the time. The freight trains roll through our area often but not on a schedule that we can find. Waiting for them can be lengthy, but, we have done it. Little Chase has great patience when ding dings are involved! These pictures were taken yesterday at the Upland Metrolink Station. It was the 1:26 p.m. train from Los Angeles to San Bernardino...if you have any questions about the schedule...just ask. I have it memorized!

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