Monday, July 22, 2013

A Cherished Place - Whitney Portal, Lone Pine, California USA

Our little Noah leads the way to the Mt. Whitney Trailhead, July 18, 2013. I was on a very sentimental mission to find just the right place to leave a small part of my dear brother's ashes along the side of this trail. He backpacked to the top of the mountain more than once and loved it here. I must bring him back at least part of the way.

We stopped to read the sign indicating the warnings for the area (not for sissies!)

  Okay...we're only going about 1/4 mile.

                      sheer beauty

           Jerry and Noah lead the way.

                Noah sees a lizard.

There is a tiny white spot in the sky that was actually a bright yellow para-glider riding the wind currents above the high peaks.

Here is the perfect place at the base of this amazing pine tree. The trail curves here and the views are spectacular.

 A white butterfly fluttered around us after we laid the ashes down. I think that is a sign that Fred is pleased...we also noticed that the para-glider disappeared as well...possibly another sign?

This is a better image showing the white butterfly hovering around the left side of this tree which shared the space with the big pine. It actually flew above the precious ashes for a while...a very moving time for us...

The butterfly flew all around the big pine but capturing an image of it was difficult. It's not visible in this scene, but I tried!

My daughter believes we picked the perfect place...she is feeling peaceful.

              Julie, Noah and Papa Jerry.

            Papa Jerry, Noah and me.

    It's time to turn back with some tears.

Rest in peace dear brother. We will visit here again and maybe you will inspire us to go farther up the mountain!

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Pat Tillett said...

Nice tribute to your brother. I've hiked that trail, but it was long before I even owned a camera. Time to get back up there.