Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Jetboating on the Shotover River, Skipper's Canyon NZ - Carolyn's Photos

 We have arrived at our jetboating destination and are in the process of finding our seats for 'adventure'!
A helicopter is dipping down to get up close and personal to the Shotover River.
 Now, it leaves spraying water and dust into the air.
 Our driver gives us some safety information and we are soon off and flying across the water.
 I got a few photos but was actually quite afraid to hold my camera (DSLR) up for fear of getting it wet or losing it. 
 The river is actually quite shallow with curves and rocks to maneuver.
 This is Judith pointing to something important.
What ever could it be?
 Now she smiles
 ...for the camera!
 John, our Irish friend, has a big smile too!

 We were a very congenial group having a GREAT time!
 Skippers Canyon bungee jump! 
Not for me! 
 Shotover River, Skipper's Canyon, NZ
 ...a look back at that bungee bridge!  wOw!
The courage it would take to jump off the bridge!
 This jump doesn't operate anymore.  It's been replaced by the Pipeline Bungee Jump (even higher)nearby.
Not for me, either!
 A rafting group gets ready to begin their adventure as we finish up.
Our boat waits for the next group.
We had BIG FUN!
...and, survived!
Group Pic!
November 30, 2012
Shotover River
Skipper's Canyon
New Zealand

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