Sunday, July 7, 2013

Milford Sound / Te Anau Highway - November 29, 2012

 After spending several hours cruising the Milford Sound we are now on our way back to Te Anau where we will stop for coffee and a stretch before continuing on to Queenstown for the next two days.
The rainwater pours down the rocky slopes along the way.
 It was a beautiful ride and loved the dramatic weather.
 Awesome views of the winding road from this spot!
I wonder if these dirty icy patches ever completely melted during the summer.
This is November 29, just one more day of spring! 
 We're now getting closer to Te Anau once again. The green pasture land reappears.
 The journey is every bit as wonderful as the destination!
I repeated these words over and over on this trip.

 Awesome trees!
 Nothing less than beautiful!
Passing over rivers is common in New Zealand.
Love the color!
Milford Sound/Te Anau Highway
November 29, 2012

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