Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Jetboating on the Shotover River, Skipper's Canyon - New Zealand (Jerry's Camera)

 We have reached our destination...the jetboat dock on the Shotover River in Skipper's Canyon, New Zealand.
A helicopter is hovering over us, dipping down and taking off again.
 All ready to go!
It's cold and it will only get colder with the wind and spray.

There's the helicopter doing what helicopters do! 
 We're off!
But, stop to admire a waterfall for only a few seconds.
Adventure is waiting!

 The water and canyon are absolutely gorgeous!
 fun, fun fun!
 crazy fun!
 I think we did a 360 here!
 I was never able to lift my Canon up to get pictures during the action.
I didn't dare take the chance of it flying out of my hands or getting wet.
Jerry got these shots using a shock proof/water proof Fuji compact.
We did return to the boat dock all accounted for...nobody overboard!
 ...and the group pic!
November 30, 2012
Shotover River
Skipper's Canyon
New Zealand

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