Friday, July 17, 2009

A Late Afternoon With Our Little Grandson, Chase! (July 16, 09)

Today, in the late afternoon, our 2 year old grandson played with water and his toys in our backyard. It was a very hot day so some water play was just what we needed. And what a fun time we had!

Our little guy had a good time playing with our lab mix, Madison. She is always happy to have a playmate.

Crawling through the doggie and kitty door is so much fun! Looking out the water spotted glass is fun too.

I could not stop clicking the camera! And, I could not stop posting all these pictures!

I hope my daughter and her husband love these pictures!


Jen gagliardi said...

I love these! Beautiful! He is so photogenic!!!

Anonymous said...

He is cute! We need to get together for parallel play time with my granddaughter Erika.
Call me for a rendezvous at the park, EARLY in the day 8-9 am is best for us. Inge